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We’re producing natural goods

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We’re producing natural goods

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  • Producing Healthy Foods

    Both white and brown eggs contain 13 essential vitamins and minerals and nine essential amino acids.

  • Our Breeding Growth

    The objective of balanced breeding is to raise strong laying hens that produce eggs of the highest quality.

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Lay Hens

we offer white, brown, black and special layer breeds

Eggs for sale

Fresh Eggs &
Fertile Eggs

Eggs are an inexpensive and healthy source of protein.

eggs for sale

Day Old Chicks

The hatchery is the place where future layers begin.

eggs for sale

Parent Stock

Breeding for liveability is a key focus for our breeding department.

Our pure line animals are kept/housed under extreme high biosecurity conditions

eggs for sale
Organic & Inorganic Poultry

Natural Egg for Lovers of Healthy Food

Fresh Table Eggs

Organic Eggs

Hatching Eggs

To provide the right genetic solution for each market, we offer white, brown, black and special layer breeds marketed under different strong brands.

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