Point of Lay Hens/Pullets

Point of Lay Hens / Pullets

We offer healthy and mature point-of-lay hens for sale at affordable prices.
- Point-of-Lay are a preferable choice for new farmers to start chicken egg production or poultry farming because they have passed their vulnerable stages.
- Buying hens at this stage results in lesser investment in chicken feed.
- It also results in lesser expenses in the general upkeep of the chickens.
- These chickens have been groomed by experienced farmers and professionals.
- They have been vaccinated.
- They were raised under close supervision and in conducive conditions.


We sell fully vaccinated layer chicks/chickens from 1 week old up to Point of Lay at 18 weeks old. Buy our point of lay hens and start getting eggs within 3 weeks. Point of lay means hens or pullets that have grown to the age at which they should be starting to lay eggs. Hens normally start laying eggs at the age of 18 – 21 weeks.

Do you know that egg producers who prefer point of lay pullets over chicks avoid high mortality losses experienced in raising chicks from day old as well as vaccination and feeds cost pre-production among other overheads? Let us bear that burden for you.

With great care and all the necessary precautions, we raise our Hyline, Lohmann and Amberlink chicks from day old and release them to the market having gone through all vaccinations timely as well as being fed correctly throughout the entire 18-week period. You can count on us!