Shipping Procedure

Eugon Valley Poultry has profound experience in exporting the products to the global market. The poultry equipment which complies with the standards of the European Commission together with proven quality of the products let the company gain the permission to supply fresh eggs and egg products to the EU countries.

Our export geography covers the markets of North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. And today we sell to more than 50 countries across the globe.

Our products meet international industry standards for quality and food safety and have been approved for export to European Union

Allow 1 to 3 days for your order to reach your local Address. For Non-Home address delivery, Be prepared to pick up your chicks at the post office as soon as possible after you’ve been notified. Your contact information and phone number will be on the box. Usually the post office notifies you promptly upon arrival. It is a good idea to notify your post office that you are expecting an order of chicks.

-*Weather is routinely monitored anywhere we are shipping and chicks are packed as appropriately as possible due to weather conditions. There are times we may add cockerels to the order to ensure the chicks will remain warm if the weather is particularly cold and even delay order due to weather.
- Delivery within 3-5 days for African Countries
- Delivery time for Asia and Middle East Countries ai 3-5 days Max Via Air Cargo. For Bulk Orders Via sea, kindly contact for shipping schedule.
- Delivery within Europe takes a max of 3 days as we deliver from our Farm in Netherlands unless order is above or production capacity in the Neds.