Fresh Eggs for sale

Fresh Table Eggs

Premium Brown Eggs are fresh and clean eggs produced from 100% vegetarian feed. Unlike other brown eggs, our Hi-Pro Brown Eggs are odourless and unfertilized eggs from birds. Packed and Stored hygienically under the right temperature.

Supply Ability: 20,000 tons
Egg Color: White Eggs/Brown Eggs
Egg Size: Large, X-Large and Jumbo Sizes
Egg type: Free range Antibiotics Free inorganic/Organic Eggs
Export Market: Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America
Delivery time: 3-5 Days Via Air Cargo
Delivery Via Sea: 12-21 Days depending on destination
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 x 20ft Container.


We ensure that all hens are given a nutritious and healthy diet that consists of corn and soya mix. Healthy hens then lay eggs rich in protein and the yolk also is of beautiful golden color.

All eggs are graded using UV lights to check for any cracks and abnormalities in order to ensure that only fresh and best quality eggs are sent to the packing facility to reach your doorstep.

The eggs are sorted and cleaned once they reach our facility. This is followed by a quick packing process and then dispatched in temperature-controlled vehicles.